Insuring business continuation and succession.

Company Wills aims to protect your company's existence and maintain your future aspirations. Like most sensible people, you will have written a will to distribute personal assets but what about your business?

We are here to help busy entrepreneurs concentrate on driving your enterprise forward, whilst having the appropriate cover in place to protect your profit, protect your share in the company and ensure the continued smooth running of your business.

Your firm is our client. Cover is available for all types of company, whether a sole trader, partnership, LLP or Limited Company. With more people becoming self-employed, the mixed fortunes of business and personal matters are ever more entwined.

"A 5 star services from start to finish. Use them!"

John Clutten, Business Owner, Broadcast Media, London  

Protecting your value in the company is safeguarding all that you are working for now and keeps you in control. Insuring continuation by covering key people and maintaining their health is essential to protect your cash flow; it's all about managing risk.

We are your one-stop shop for business advice; Employee Well-being schemes tailored around income protection and medical cover to ensure employee retention and reduced absenteeism, our Small Business General Insurance package, Commercial finance. We can also arrange a Company Pensions Audit to ensure compliance with recent Auto Enrolment legislation.

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With 14 years financial industry experience, James Carter set up Company Wills as he saw a real need to protect busy entrepreneurs who are so focused on their businesses, that they often don't receive simple advice that would safeguard all they are working towards.